I had an accident and tore my meniscus. Can I sue for pain and struggling?

diplomatiegov.info - You are providing such a wonderful service, Dr. Kernisan. Seniors, individuals who love them and professionals who work with them can learn a lot from your weblog, articles and podcasts. I headed up a falls prevention coalition for 10 years (it’s nonetheless going, however with a brand new coordinator; I’ve turned her on to your web site) and have all the time been in search of information to use. Our focus is academic…getting the phrase out in as many ways as are attainable…about threat factors, lowering danger and conduct change. Parkinson’s does trigger falls, but if that is part of the issue, the doctor should be able to detect different signs of Parkinson’s, such as a resting tremor or stiffness of the limbs.

Side must be accomplished too, however for now I actually have been getting cortisone photographs in hip & knee on rt. Also have arthritis in my back & have had cortisone shots there a number of times & I’ve had a nerve ablation on rt.

I guess I’m making an attempt to know why this is taking place? We’ve seen her PCP, neuro, cardio but no one has informed me WHY the falls and physical decline is occurring? She doesn’t speak a lot which I can understand, it’s the bodily half I’m totally confused about? At this rate I feel like she will be in a wheelchair quickly.

It’s also potential that something neurological occurred before the autumn and that this contributed to the autumn. Sorting this out is complicated and requires a careful historical past and exam, and likewise sometimes seeing what happens in the course of the days after the autumn.

About three weeks in the past I tripped over a potted plant while watering my backyard and hit my head on the patio. No blood, and I was cautious to observe my habits for the remainder of the day – no unusual sleepiness and nothing strange with imaginative and prescient or eyes.

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